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Sporting a powerful processor, lots of GB for storage and RAM, a great display and snapper, the HTC 10 is a good mobile purchase to be taken into consideration. Here is a list of tips to help you use the mobile to the best of its capabilities.

Quick launch the camera app

Apart from the usual camera shortcut icon found on almost all smartphones, HTC 10 can also enable you to call up the camera by swiping twice down the screen.

Use hi-res audio

Along with the great camera, HTC 10 also records quality audio. You can do that by going into the video panel and tap the Quality option. From there, you have to choose 4K which will enable the high resolution audio option as well. This feature is perfect for recording concerts, acoustic performances or ambient sounds.

Use motion gestures

HTC 10 is one of the smartphones that allow you to do important actions just by using motion gestures, like swiping or tapping.

Get Blinkfeed out of the way

The Blinkfeed app is an HTC 10 based news app that while it may be useful for some, it doesn’t work for everybody so here’s how you get rid of it: you pinch it and bring it up in the current panels, then you press and hold it and finally while you are still pressing and holding it you drag it across the screen.

Use RAW for shooting photos

The RAW photos are pretty awesome because they have a lot of uncompressed detail thus taking more impressive images. You can get this effect from HTC 10 by going into the camera app and select Pro. From there, you will have to tap the RAW option. After this you can also edit them with the Edit with RAW Enhancement option.

Make the screen color warmer

If you want your HTC 10 screen to look warmer all you have to do is go to the Settings menu and tap the Display, Gestures and Buttons panel. From there, you’ll have to choose the Color Profile option. If you don’t like the options presented there you can set the color profile by yourself by tapping on the three color balance dots.

Stream videos to an Apple TV

HTC 10 supports Apple’s Airplay wireless streaming (even though it’s an Android based device). You can access that option in the HTC Connect app. Keep in mind, however, that both the HTC 10 device and the AirPlay device will have to be on the same wireless network.

Change the theme to freestyle

You can change your HTC 10 homescreen to a freestyle layout just by pressing and holding any free space on the desktop and you’ll have entered into the Change homescreen layout feature. From there you can choose a Freestyle layout and then various themes will launch so you can choose whichever you want.