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Here is some of the latest news in the mobile world and some info about the upcoming Google I/O conference.

Android VR to be launched

Android VR is definitely in the works as some Android Police has reported seeing it listed on the Google Play Developer Console alongside Android TV, Android Auto and Android Wear, with its own icon!

There are some rumors that state that the Android VR headset will be a standalone device and not one that incorporates smartphones like the Samsung Gear VR one and it will presumably be announced at the I/O conference scheduled to start this week.

Apple Watch has healthy goals

Apparently, Apple Watch’s primary goal is health research. An Apple representative said that the device’s role is to improve the health of the Apple customers and the healthcare system – which was one of the goals Steve Jobs had set out to achieve. The Apple Watch proved to be the best project for achieving that goal as Apple needed more than just a fitness tracker. It needed an intricate mobile platform.

Microsoft Band is now more fun

The new version of Microsoft Band (a fitness tracker) is currently available to developers as a beta and features many sports related options. It might start including games, because it has a platform that allows for that.

Parrot smart T-shirt flying in

Parrot CEO Henri Seydoux stated at TechCrunch Disrupt that they have been working on a T-shirt for the past two years. In case you didn’t know, Parrot is a drone manufacturing company. Seydoux also said that it’s necessary to make things that the consumers desire because that is how keep existing on the market, even if it means making things that are very difficult. We’re not sure what those T-shirts will do and how Parrot will integrate drone technology into them but it’s probably going to be very interesting and fun.

Looking for a new gadget? How about a Drone? You know you want one!