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The Adobe Flash Player is a plugin that has been released 20 years ago. This plugin allows users to play games and view video content online, among other things. Unfortunately, the plugin always had security issues, which Adobe didn’t fix.

Now, HTML5, a new player that is gaining popularity very fast, is about to take Adobe Flash Player’s place. Adobe is now trying to fix all issues that its application has, but we think that it is too late and this application will most likely die sometime in the near future.

In fact, big companies such as YouTube have already ditched the Adobe Flash Player for HTML5 and it is a matter of time until more companies will follow. Google has also announced that soon it will block Flash content in its Chrome browser, which means that this will rush things up and more companies will start moving to HTML5. If this would happen right now, about 56% of web users would no longer be able to access Flash content.

However, this will come with some security benefits, as according to reports, Adobe Flash player is the most attacked plugin out there and this is because the application has some big security issues that are still not solved.

Adobe is now struggling to release new Flash Player versions that fix some bugs and security issues, but it will be quite hard to fix all security holes that the application has. We think that the company should have done this a long time ago, because now it’s too late to fix anything.

It is good to know that you can already block Flash Player on your Chrome browser, but since there are still a good amount of websites that are using it, we suggest you to leave it enabled for now. However, if you want to make sure that your computer is more secure, you should block the Flash Player.