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Xiaomi phone products are the craze in China. The company responsible for them started by making Apple clones and then they sold them at budget prices, but then, it begum to make its own brand of phone. The latest and most impressive model in the past years is the Xiaomi Mi 5.

The Xiaomi Mi 5 cannot be bought in the US or Europe officially, but you can order one from China by shipment if you really want to try it out. However, keep in mind that, as opposed to Samsung or Apple, there is no service for Xiaomi in Europe or the US. If something bad happens to the phone like shattering the screen or just breaking it, you’ll have to go to third party shops and you’ll have to pay for repairs and also wait longer for repairs.

However, here is a comparison between the Xiaomi Mi 5 and its rival Samsung Galaxy S7 to help you decide if you really want the Xiaomi to travel across the seas for you.


Both smartphones sport a stylish metal frame with a tapered glass frame and almost have the same size. They look so similar! But don’t think that the Chinese company copied the Samsung design because the fact is, that this company released the first Android phone with a tapered glass back and metal frame ever, long before Samsung Galaxy S7. And they also both have fingerprint magnets.

The Xiaomi Mi 5 is slightly thinner and lighter than the S7 and so comfortable to hold, whereas the latter is pretty heavy and feels much more solid. Xiaomi Mi 5 also has keys that are lighter to press as opposed to its rival; however, the S7 ones have a clickier feel to them.

Both phones have a fingerprint scanner under the display and both work extremely well. The Xiaomi Mi 5 however, works faster than the Galaxy S7. The homescreen appears immediately after you touch the scanner in Mi 5, while in the case of S7 it takes a while to initialize.

Another interesting aspect to take into consideration is that you can use Samsung Pay to pay for things with your fingerprint, but you can’t do that on Xiaomi Mi 5 yet.

Finally, there’s the waterproofing aspect; Samsung Galaxy S7 is waterproof while Xiaomi Mi 5 is not.