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Even if Microsoft didn’t officially announce the Xbox Two console, many rumors about it have surfaced all over the internet. According to the latest reports, the Xbox Two console will be way better than the PlayStation 4K (NEO).

Almost three years have passed since the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 have been released and it seems that the developers are starting to bring games especially for these two consoles.

In the meantime, PC gamers have started to upgrade their devices with the new video cards that have been released in the past months. For example, NVIDIA has just revealed its GTX 1080 and 1070 video card, which we’re sure that many gamers will want to get their hands on it sometime in the near future.

The Xbox Two console (also known as Xbox NeXt) is expected to be more powerful the upcoming PlayStation 4K (NEO) console that Sony is about to release soon. It seems that Microsoft will come with a totally new console, while Sony will only upgrade the current PS4.

For example, the Xbox Two will ditch the 10 TFLOPs for its computing performance, which means that the console will be able to run games at 60 frames per second (FPS) on a 4K resolution.

According Crossmap, Microsoft’s Phil Spence said that there will be another console from the company, but he didn’t mention any name of it. Rumors say that he was talking about the Xbox Two, which is rumored to be already in development.

On the other hand, Sony might reveal its PlayStation 4K (NEO) before the end of 2016. Unfortunately, Microsoft’s fans will need to wait longer for the Xbox Two (NeXt) to be released, as according to rumors the developing stage of this upcoming console is still in the early stages.

If rumors prove to be right, the Xbox Two will be officially announced during the E3 2016 event.