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Almost a year has passed since we’ve told you that WhatsApp will introduce the Video Calling feature, but we weren’t sure when developers will be able to introduce it. In December, we’ve seen the first screenshots of the feature in action and since a few days ago, we haven’t heard anything again about the intention of finally bringing video calling to WhatsApp. However, 2.16.80, which is the latest beta update for Android, has this functionality.

WhatsApp went through a lot of changes since its launch, in January 2010. In February 2014 was bought by Facebook and one year later, Android users were testing out the voice calling feature. Soon, more and more features have made their appearance and developers have promised that they won’t stop until they will perfect this application.

The latest WhatsApp 2.16.80 beta update was released with the video calling feature and users can access it by tapping the phone icon located at the top-right corner of the window. This is the same button, on which users have tapped to make voice calls, but now they have the option to choose whether to make a voice or a video calls. This option can be accessed from inside the chat window, instead of the Calls menu.

Unfortunately, the Video Calling feature isn’t activated yet, so if you’ll tap on the button, you’ll get this message: “Video Calling is unavailable at this time”, which means that developers are working on it and soon, they will make it available for all Android users.

We remind you that the new beta versions are uploaded directly to the Google Play store, but in order to download it, you must become a beta tester. Another feature that will be released soon will allow you to call back your friends, if you missed a call from them. Voice mailing is expected to arrive soon and it will allow you to record voice mails and send them to your contacts.