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WhatsApp will quit supporting the Symbian platform by year’s end, but even though this is the case, developers still released a new update for the Nokia devices.

WhatsApp 2.16.9 is currently in the beta stage, meaning it won’t be found in the Nokia store. Users can, however, can go to to download the .sis file and manually install it.

WhatsApp has yet to release a change log for its latest beta version. However, users have seen a new display under the chats that say, “Messages you send to this chat are now protected by end-to-end encryption.” When users click on the message, it’ll read “which means WhatsApp and third-parties can’t read them”.

End-to-end encryption was seen as an inevitability, and the app developers wanted to use Apple’s example to craft its own. It used Apple’s FBI problems to develop the feature for every WhatsApp version, ensuring that messages can only been accessed by the receiver and sender, using the encryption key.

A number of Symbian phones can be installed with WhatsApp 2.16.9, and in order to do this, users can manually check for the update by going into their phone’s menu, getting into the settings and checking for updates. If available, they’ll need to choose the option “Install Update”, which will then download and install the file onto the phone. The beta update can also be downloaded through the official website of WhatsApp.

Developers have bettered the performance of the application. If bugs are found, users are asked to report them to ensure a fix is created.