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In a constantly developing mobile app market, customer behavior is evolving towards rapidly accessible information and a mobile browser is very important in this context as it’s proven that it functions as an information hub for the majority of the users in Europe and the US. In parts of Asia however, mobile browsers are used for almost everything, not just searching for information. They are used for their e-commerce, entertainment and many more rendering capabilities due to the limited computing power found in many of the Asian devices.

The UC browser (with a squirrel logo), a mobile browser developed by UCWeb a company pertaining to the Alibaba Group has now become the number two most used mobile browser in the world, and it’s the first most used browser of this kind in many parts of Asia such as India, Indonesia and China.

Although it has been around for many years, the UC browser has only recently acquired the number 1 position on the Asian mobile market, after overtaking Google Chrome at 33% market share.

Google Chrome continues to be the top most used mobile browser across the world, though.

The UC browser reportedly has reached over 500 million users across the world and its success is said to be largely based on its ability to tap into underserved customer needs. In certain Asian markets, UC has created a browser centric ecosystem with local partnerships with companies that deal with e-commerce, media publishing and other business domains thus offering users relevant content for their needs and in turn, helping their partners sell their products. It’s basically a win-win situation for everybody involved.

UC is also becoming a content centered browser and a news and information aggregator and has begun to market itself as the next-generation browser because of this and it’s directing its efforts to making an impact on the European an US markets.