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It’s already common knowledge that the rollout of the Android 6.0 update (commonly known as Marshmallow) has been quite slow. This is particularly true for Samsung Galaxy devices, some of which have already received the update and others still waiting for it — more than six months after Marshmallow was officially released.

Fortunately, it seems that the wait is over for those who own the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 since the popular phablet is starting to receive the much-awaited update. It’s important to note that this rollout is happening in Europe and specifically targets Samsung Galaxy Note 4 units with the model number N910F, which has the processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 APQ8084 Pro. The update will update Samsung Galaxy Note 4 handsets to Android 6.0.1 when downloaded.

This update marks the final releasing phase of the Android Marshmallow update for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. The Note 4 units with the model number N910C — which have the Exynos 5 Octa 5433 processor and are sold in Asia, South America, and certain parts of Europe — have already received the Marshmallow update in April. The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 variants that are sold in the United States and are locked with Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile, and other U.S. carriers have also received the update several weeks ago.

Specifically, the European update for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 N910F has been observed in Germany, Ireland, Hungary, and the UK. There have also been reports that Austrian carriers like Vodafone and Swisscom are releasing the update for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 units that are locked into their networks. Both locked and unlocked handsets will receive the Marshmallow update.

The Marshmallow update will reach Samsung Galaxy Note 4 units through over-the-air (OTA) connection, and users will receive a notification once it’s available and ready to download. However, they can also manually check if the update is already available for them by going to Settings, tapping About Device, choosing Software Updates, then tapping Check for Updates.

Before downloading the update, though, users are advised to check if their phones are fully charged (or at least have more than 50 percent of battery life) to ensure that their device won’t shut down in the middle of the download and installation. They should also ensure that have enough memory to accommodate the update — which is around 1GB in size — and that they have fast and stable Wi-Fi internet connection.

The Marshmallow update will bring exciting features to Samsung Galaxy Note 4 N910F handsets, such as the power-saving Doze and Android Pay support.

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