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Recently, Samsung released an underpowered Galaxy J7 in India, after it released a loaded model on the Chinese market.

The Samsung Galaxy J7 was released in China in March along with a smaller model entitled Samsung Galaxy J5 and it received a lot of positive reviews that may actually lead to a worldwide launch. As opposed to the previous released J model, the Samsung Galaxy J7 sports an octa core processor, 3GB of RAM, full HD AMOLED screen plus a 3,300 mAh which make it a far better device in terms of performance.

The two phones also appeared on the European Samsung sites and users began to speculate that it might also be launched in India and South Korea. And it did, in South Korea though, and it was underpowered. It also sported a simple HD screen and 2GB of RAM. After South Korea, Samsung released the same underpowered Samsung Galaxy J7 this week in India as well.

Given these facts, many believe that this last J-series model doesn’t mark an actual improvement in the overall performance of the phone series as the last model had the exact same screen and only 1.5GB of RAM. The only noticeable improvement is in the processor and chipset used for the Samsung Galaxy J7, but that is a very small step up.

This may be happening due to the fact that the competing mobile companies in India offer more or better specs at a lesser price that what the Samsung Galaxy J7 has right now priced at $238. And the situation in China is very different as rival smartphones such as Xiaomi models always release loaded devices, so the Samsung Galaxy J7 had to be a powerful device in order to be an actual buying option on the Chinese market.

The Samsung Galaxy J5 was released on three Asian markets and it comes with a 5.2 inch HD display (which has a better resolution than J7), a quad core Snapdragon chipset and 2GB of RAM, plus a 13MP camera on the back.

The launch in those three Asian countries will supposedly provide Samsung with feedback useful for the future European releases.