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Motorola has recently posted a Twitter teaser regarding the next Moto G  and now we know that the smartphone will be released very soon. Supposedly Moto G 2016 will have new and exciting features and we’ll be seeing it sometime in June 2016.

Yang Yuanging – CEO of Lenovo – was quoted by IBTimes as saying that Motorola will release a new Moto device on the 9th of June. This Moto device is probably the fourth generation Moto G. However, there will be another event held by Lenovo in India scheduled for the 17th of May so it’s possible that this might be the actual release date for Moto G 2016. Right now, there is no official statement from Lenovo regarding any product release scheduled for that event.

Based on a few tweets from Moto India, it’s very possible that the Moto G 2016 will have a better security system which will include a fingerprint reader – which is a very common feature right now, both among the expensive smartphones and the budget ones. Also, it will supposedly sport a better battery for more usage through the day and for more talktime.

Other tweeted and possible features of the Moto G 2016 will be 3GB of RAM plus 32GB of storage as opposed to what the two variants of the previous gen (3rd) had : 1GB of RAM plus 8GB of storage space and 2GB of RAM plus 16GB storage space. It will also supposedly have a better rear camera – a 16MP one.

Lastly, a report also mentioned that the fourth gen of Moto G will have a Snapdragon 450 processor and that there may even be a Plus version released alongside it – and both phones are expected to sport a 5.5 inch FullHD display.

This is all we have on the Moto G 2016 so far but there are just a few more days until the May event so I guess we won’t have to wait too long for an official statement.