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Rumors say that there will be a change of plans for Apple because of the decision to make the upcoming MacBook Pro 2016 lighter and thinner than the MacBook Air line. The MacBook Pro 2016 will be cheaper than their predecessor, but will be available in the same variants of 13-inch and 15-inch. Apple is planning to unveil them at the WWDC event, which will take place next month and there are high chances that the MacBook Air 2016 will be presented then.

According to reports, the MacBook Pro 2016 will have a price cut of $300 compared to the previous laptops. In terms of specs, the MacBook Pro 2016 is expected to be powered by the sixth generation Intel Skylake processor, which is used for the MacBook 2016, as well, and critics had only words of praise for its performance, saying that the battery life is greatly improved and the device is significantly faster.

MacWorld claims that Apple will use the latest NVIDIA and AMD GPUs, which will allow users to play the most graphics-intensive games without experiencing lags or other issues. As a novelty, the MacBook 2016 will be available in a rose gold variant, after this color was introduced on the iPhone 6S and later on the MacBook 2016. the FaceTime camera will be improved, the touch-sensitive keyboard will be detachable and the display will be retina and enhanced.

As for the MacBook Air 2016, a month ago was rumored that it will come with Touch ID integrated into the Trackpad, it will support Force Touch technology and it will have a 15-inch variant, besides the 13-inch variant. This device will be powered by Intel’s Skylake processor, as well, which is 10 to 20 percent faster and has 34 percent faster graphics.

Currently, the MacBook Air 2015 is sold between $899 and $1,099 (11-inch variant), or $999 and $1,199 (13-inch variant).

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