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WhatsApp for desktop is finally here. This takes your favorite messaging service from your mobile to your Windows or Mac computer. With the app available across all devices, you won’t have to miss another call or message again, whether you’re using your computer or mobile phone.

Like most messaging apps service, WhatsApp desktop app mirrors whatever messages or chat conversations you have on your mobile phone and on the web. For as long as you are online, syncing will be done in real time.

Are you excited to download and install the app on your PC or Mac?

Pre-install checklist

  • Make sure your computer runs Windows 8 64-bit or newer for PC, and OS X 10.9 or newer on a Mac.
  • Make sure the app is installed on your phone. If you don’t have it yet, get WhatsApp 2.16.46 Beta Download.
  • See that you have a reliable connection for an uninterrupted app download.

Step-by-step Installation

  1. Go to and download the app
  2. Once downloaded, click or double click on the executable file WhatsApp Setup.exe to start the installation process.
  3. Once installed, click on the WhatsApp icon to launch the app. You will see a QR scan code similar to what was shown when you first used WhatsApp web.
  4. Using your smartphone, open WhatsApp web and scan the QR code that is shown on the desktop.

Afterwards, your smartphone app will automatically sync with the desktop app. This will bring the native app up to speed with your mobile messages and chat conversations.

The need for your smartphone to launch the desktop app may seem a nuisance. But you have to remember that WhatsApp must have your phone number to sign up and send messages or make phone calls. Thus, the need for your mobile phone to launch the app for the first time.

Once setup and installation are done, you can then start using the app like you would on your phone. The advantage of a native app is that there are keyboard shortcuts supported. For instance, press Ctrl + N to start a new chat, or Ctrl + Shift + N to start a new group chat. To archive a chat, simply press Ctrl + E, and Ctrl + Shift + U to change the read status of your message. The same shortcuts can be used on a Mac, but with the Ctrl key replaced with Apple’s Command Key.