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Hate those pesky ads that suddenly appear while you’re playing games, or constantly blinking out of the periphery of your vision? You’re not alone, and some users even choose to pay to get rid of those ads. But you don’t have to. At least, not anymore.

Google has upped transparency in its Play Store by adding a line of text – Contains ads, right under the install button. This tells you upfront that the app you’re about to install comes with ads. You can choose to skip it to spare yourself from frustrating ads.

Most apps, popular or not, come with ads, as developers need to make money. But they won’t tell you there are in-app ads when you download an application. You’ll notice it eventually, anyway. But now that Google has taken out the guesswork, you can download apps from the Play Store with the assurance that there won’t be any ads.

But what if the app you want comes with ads? This could be a problem, unless you see them as a trade-off you can forego. Between apps and ads, you would probably give more weight to the value of an app. Never mind the ads that come with it.

Besides, most apps in Google Play Store are likely to be provided by more than one developer, although there will be slight differences. What are the odds that 1 out of the 3 or 5 doesn’t come with ads. This gives you options to choose from.

With this in mind, start checking out apps that you can download and see if it does or doesn’t have ads.

Here is a list of the top app downloads in the Google Play Store

  • Facebook
  • WhatsApp Messenger
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Instagram
  • Clean Master
  • Skype
  • LINE
  • Viber
  • Twitter
  • Flashlight by Surpax

Are you looking to see if ads appear on some of the new apps in Google Play Store? Some of your options include Dark Sky, Replay Video Editor,, YogaStudio, Bejeweled Skies by EA, Marvel Games Collection by Marvel Games, Star Wars Games Collection by Konami, and SkylandersBattlecast by Activision.

Among these apps, Dark Sky is making a buzz, not because it’s making gamers’ fingers itch, but because it tells the weather with precision. Wondering if the drizzle has stopped? Dark Sky will give you the details. It’s a freeware, so expect to get all the exciting features after you pay.

Now, whatever app you download, be wary of malware like Viking Horde.