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Google has developed an array of amazing tools including its Google Earth, which lets users learn about the world without the need to pack a bag and actually visit the location. Google Earth users can view all kinds of beautiful historical sites the planet has to offer without physically going there to see them.

When a person uses Google Earth (not Pro), they can see the tracks they’ve laid with the GPS and offer that data to other folks. People can see the all corners of the Earth that never could be done in real-time. With Google Earth, they can zoom in and out of different places – going to street view from satellite view. It allows business folks to get a visual inspection of the various locations.

However, Google Earth Pro lets people use the app for free. While regular Google Earth can be used in various ways – satellite view, bird’s eye view and street view, the Pro version was produced for commercial-related reasons.

Why Should A Person Consider Using Google Earth Pro?

There are an array of reasons Google Earth Pro should be considered such as:

  • Printing images and screenshots in hi-resolution for use in presentation materials
  • Develop array of media with the use of Movie Maker
  • Conveniently map GIS data so that people can import vector image files

In order for Google Earth Pro to be downloaded and installed, PC users must be using Windows 7, Vista or Windows XP. Mac users needs to have Mac OS X 10.6.0 or later.

7.1 is the newest Google Earth Pro version but users can still access the features with 7.0.

Users are asked if they’d like the software to automatically update when fixes and improvements are made public, and the company asks users to let them know of their usage information to improve the software.

For people to use Google Earth Pro for free, they need to type in GEPFREE and their email address.