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CoroCoro readers were disappointed to find that the last month’s issue had no real information about the upcoming Pokémon Sun and Moon game. However, information is circulating that May’s issue will have something more substantial.

What is known is that Magearna is a new Pokémon and will be a Steel and Fairy type. Magearna will be in the upcoming Pokémon movie, which is set for release in 2016. However, it’ll show up for the first time in Sun and Moon. Due to being a mythical Pokémon, it’s only going to be available via events.

The newest Pokémon was first seen in February, leading to more than 720 Pokémon now available. Humans were responsible for the artificial creature being born 500 years ago.

There’s nothing official but Pokémon Sun and Mon may have a bird-like Pokémon in it.

As for the real news regarding the new game, it may be another month before any news is announced. It’s not known if it’ll be in the latest CoroCoro news or not. CoroCoro had promised it would have huge Pokémon GO news for the month of May. However, Joe Merrick with said CoroCoro text has no mention of the next issue. It only says a big announcement will be made in May.

Regular readers said CoroCoro usually mentions specifics for the next issue. While it may be nothing, it may be suggestive that any announcement for Pokémon Sun and Moon would be in another form.

Could a new trailer that shows actual in-game footage be available? Is there going to be a starter Pokémon or box art? Is there going to be a Pokémon-themed Nintendo Direct to release the latest information.

Perhaps the information is going to be in CoroCoro anyway and how they worded it was mere coincidence.