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Pokémon fans can rejoice, as developers have begun the beta testing stage of Pokémon Go. Sooner or later this means they’ll get more details about the mobile game.

Based on some data from testers from Silph Road Network, which is a Pokémon GO thread on Reddit, battle mechanics are going to be slightly different than users would see in traditional Pokémon. Basically, what takes players four moves in traditional Pokémon, it takes just two attacks to do. A charge attack is much quicker and more powerful.

Battles are no longer turn based either. Instead, they’re now real-time. When playing, users can tap the screen to do a quick attack. To do a charge attack, they press and hold the screen. The attack strength will vary from each type. Basically an attack that works for a Grass type isn’t going be as effective for a Water type and so on.

The trainer player can ensure Pokémon can dodge attacks that are made at it. Battles last two minutes, with the idea to get players to not waste their time in a long battle.

Users need to remember that information from the beta version isn’t likely to all be seen with the final version. Testers have provided other information: there’s no chance of playing passerbys or friends; just other trainers at the gyms. How trainers throw their Poke Ball will affect whether or not they got a good capture.

While there’s been no official announcement on a release date for Pokémon GO, it’s thought it’ll release at the start of 2016 summer.