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Microsoft has recently announced that the Windows 10 free upgrade program will be over on the 29th of July 2016. After this date, those who will want to acquire the update will have to pay $119 and I’m sure that no one really wants that. So get it as soon as possible!

Also recently, Microsoft has released the Windows 10 Mobile Cumulative Update for May.

Users are advised to go to their Settings Panel, click on the Update and Security option, then choose the Phone Update one and finally begin checking for updates.

The update brings fixes and improvements designed to make the mobile experience more reliable, stable and perform more efficiently.

Some of the fixes include the battery drain problem, that happened when the display was off, the 0x800f081f and 0x80070570 errors encountered when trying to get the firmware update, the display that sometimes showed an incomplete set of tiles.

Some changes were made to improve the USB Type C connections and make them more reliable and Cortana has been improved as well, by fixing the music playback and Quiet Hours issues.

The Cumulative update also increased the ICS reliability and fixed the problem with the recorded videos that disappeared when users would answer an incoming call, plus the one related to the bar overlay problem.

If you are among those phone users that have bought a mobile device from carriers and it also runs Windows 10 Mobile, you have to know that there may be a while until you gat the update as well, according to GSM arena.

In the meantime keep in mind that if you haven’t already upgraded your Windows running PC to Windows 10 yet, you better get going because you only have two more months of free download left. Until the 29th of July!