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The WhatsApp Web version was released last year in January and it was somewhat of an interesting choice of platform, with many rumors arising after that there also might be a desktop version Mac and Windows, thus making it a messaging system with variants for all popular platforms of communication.

The release of WhatsApp Web marked the debut of the app on non-mobile platforms. Since then there have been many updates rolling out that have made it a pretty acceptable Web messaging system.

And now, WhatsApp Web supports document sharing exactly how users expected it to happen because the feature had already been released in March for the mobile version. Before this update, WhatsApp Web only allowed people to share photos and video content saved in the system but now the massaging system has an attachments option working alongside the photo and video sharing one.

Some users who have already tested this feature on both versions of WhatsApp – Web and Mobile – have said that it worked fine. They could efficiently send documents from WhatsApp for Android and iOS to WhatsApp Web, and from the latter to WhatsApp for iOS and Android. However, what you need to know is that, you cannot send a document from WhatsApp Web to a user is said user hasn’t updated their mobile app to the newest Android WhatsApp version.

Due to all of these new updates, many questioned have arisen regarding their features; however, WhatsApp has not yet updated their FAQ section on its official webpage. At this moment, the section only has info on the photo and video sharing option.

Furthermore, WhatsApp Web, much like the supposed desktop version has a QR code reading system similar to that of the mobile version, which can be accessed in the Settings Menu.

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