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WhatsApp has been changing ever so quickly, with near daily version updates of the app. What can users expect with the WhatsApp 2.16.48 Beta version that can be downloaded and installed on their Android device?

Before users install any new version of WhatsApp on, they need to understand what changes are going to be in it. There won’t be any visual changes, but a closer look at the APK installation file suggests that the developers are going to offer an array of changes:

  • WhatsApp 2.16.48 APK file is more than 50KB bigger, with more than 340 altered files with nearly 60 of them associated to conversations.
  • A new file has been added: “call_spam.xml – an attempt to block spam calls that users get.

No news has been offered on the Video Calling feature, which may be on the application in the near future. Developers have yet to confirm that they’re working on it.

How To Install WhatsApp 2.16.48 On An Android Device

Users can go to Google Play Store to download the Beta version of WhatsApp 2.16.48. In order to do this, users will have to download the WhatsApp BETA tester from the Google Play Store. Once done, users can search the application via the Google Play Store and install it.