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Nowadays, PCs are not as used as before because their owners spend less time at home and more time on their mobile devices, but parents let their kids play games on computers, under their supervision. There are many cool games to try out and they’re appropriate for children of all ages. Here’s a list of recommendations.

Dino Tales Jr

The game was created by Kuato Studios, the same developer that brought Dino Tales, in which the action takes place on an island populated with dinosaurs and other forms of prehistoric creatures. In Dino Tales there are six baby dinosaurs that are hatching and your kid can play with them. If your kid has questions about dinosaurs, he/she can ask Darwin, the talking dino, and will surely learn more information about these creatures. In Dino Tales Jr, the story is similar, and your kid will turn his adventures into mini movie masterpieces.

World of Zoo

This game can be purchased from Amazon at a price of $17.81. In this game, players will have a virtual zoo filled with wild animals, and using the animal editor, they have the possibility to change the colors, fur patterns, shapes and sizes of animals’ tails, noses, ears etc. It doesn’t matter if giraffes are brown/white. If your kid likes them green and yellow, in this game, everything’s possible!

Nancy Drew

The price of this game is $19.99 and gamers will play as a girl detective named Nancy Drew who solves mysteries. She will go undercover at a fancy-pants prep school, where a student wants to eliminate competition in order to become valedictorian.


It has the same price as Nancy Drew, but the game is educational, helping children to improve their reading and drawing skills. They will be asked to draw something and at the end, the drawn object becomes animated and players will interact with it.

Babysitting Mania

Children playing with virtual children? Why not! This $6.99 game will teach your kid to be a babysitter, the character’s name is Stacy, and she will be in charge with taking care of messy babies. But with the money earned from babysitting, Stacy will be able to buy a telescope.

Cake Mania 3

In this sci-fi game that costs $9.45, your kid will play as Jill Evans, pastry chef extraordinaire, who is accidentally zapped through time and space while preparing for her wedding. She is sent back to ancient China, to medieval England and later, to France, and will establish bakeries in these places. The goal is to make customers happy by offering them bake and ice cakes.

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