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Recent news has revealed that EA and Maxis are having a hard time in making a console version of the Sims 4. As we all know, Sims 4 is primarily a PC game and the developers are experiencing difficulties in making working versions of it for Xbox One and PS4. Apparently all of their attempts end up with a bug and this is delaying the release of the game.

On the other hand the Sims 4 versions for Windows and OS X will soon be available, and it will be followed by an expansion pack set for the next spring, which is also when the Sims 4 Restaurant DLC for Xbox One and PS4 is set to be released by EA.

Some rumors have stated that the particular DLC will be released this year but there is no confirmation from EA regarding this.

Some reports have revealed that the DLC Restaurant pack is already available for PC and a couple of players have experienced it.

The Sims 4 is one of the most famous titles in the Sims franchise. It has the same concept as the last installment – enabling players to control their Sims by making them do various activities and form relationships. It doesn’t have a definite goal; users just play God with their Sims as long as they wish.

As opposed to Sims 3, this forth title has redesigned Create-a-Sim and Build Mode options to offer more choices when one creates game content and pays more attention to emotional states and how they affect social interaction. Some of those new features include moving any body part or modifying facial expressions by using the mouse, having up to 40 hairstyles to choose from for both men and women, having ethnicity options, having more clothing option and having six life stages – from baby to elder.

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