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Let’s face it – when we are nervous or raging, our phones can really suffer. And while we don’t believe there are people who will hammer out or try to cut their phones, sometimes it’s definitely important to see if your phone can take it.

In today’s smartphone test, we are reviewing the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge – and its strength and ability to suffer the hammer bumps and knife cuts. In real life situations, the hammer can act as the floor when your phone slips from your hands – while the knife cutting may actually refer to the keys touching your phone in the pocket.

Here is the video of the S7 Edge Hammer And Knife Test, made by TechRax, below:

So, what have we learned from it?

The S7 Edge Can Take Punches Like A Pro

It takes a good number of times to actually hit the S7 Edge harder with the hammer so that its screen breaks. This is definitely a great sign that this phone is strong and durable. Also, even after the hammer hits the phone and breaks its screen – it functions properly without any fault.

When the back side of the S7 Edge is cutted with a knife, it definitely proves Samsung’s point with this phone – that it is scratch free. Not only there aren’t noticeable scratches when the knife is directly applied – the phone’s color and shine look as good as they were in the beginning of the video.

The next series of knife cuts show us that the metal bezel that wraps aroudn the S7 edge is not only sleek and ideal for scrolling and seeing images – but also strong and extremely durable. Actually, it is the backbone frame of the phone’c case and it proves its strength and durability without the knife to cut through its structure.

So, What’s The Final Word?

We can definitely conclude that the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is amazingly durable and probably among the strongest phones on the marketplace. Although the S7 Active may be its stronger brother, the ‘curvy’ S7 Edge really overcame our expectations from this test.

Lightweight, with a great camera, scratch-free, waterproof and really strong when it comes to the hammer kicks. That is certainly another definition Samsung could use to describe their stellar S7 Edge.