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There have been all kinds of rumors circulating about what the forthcoming Elder Scrolls 6 title will be… one of which would be Skyrim 2. Elder Scrolls developer Bethesda and its fans are intent on a sixth part, especially since the last part was developed more than four years ago. Fans believe more details will be forthcoming during the 2016 E3.

Bethesda’s V.P. of PR and Marketing Pete Hines said the game’s sixth installment is presently underway. No confirmation on the game title but did joke that it could be “Skyrim 2”. He said Bethesda doesn’t focus on titles, but on just the games. Hines said Bethesda isn’t this type of publisher that puts their attention on what the 25 titles for 2015 is.”’

Hines said the development team is putting attention on game quality, which will allow fans to get the details they deserve. It be the same as it always is but be presented differently. With that in mind, the team is taking their time to develop the game. The presumption is that the sixth installment is going to be released in 2019.

In the meantime, fans are speculating where the game is going to take place: Elsweyr and Valenwood and making title suggestions such as Argonia and Redguard (this one may not be viable since there’s already one for the Elder Scrolls.

The Elder Scrolls is an RPG game that is well-known for its attention to detail. Players must battle monsters, earning them experience points and giving them the ability to attain a higher level.