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WhatsApp for Android has been going through updates almost every week, which spells good news to app users, especially if the latest version brings new features and improvements, such as the WhatsApp 2.16.73 download that would pave way to video calling.

Rumor has it that developers are likely to activate video calling feature on WhatsApp for Android sometime soon. Sooner would be highly appreciated considering that the feature is already available on WhatsApp for iPhone. Surely, there isn’t any form of favoritism right?

Some updates, however, have little to no changes at all. But the new WhatsApp APK update for Android offers a different story. 2.16.74 APK download file with build number 451149 weighs 27.94 and packs some pretty cool changes.

Quicker reply options

Update to the latest APK download, and you will be able to reply to new messages right from the notifications. It’s a quick reply taken to a whole new level. This effectively minimizes the number of windows you have to close out or open just to send a reply.

Better chat management

Don’t know what to do with multiple chats? With the latest APK download, you can mute, archive or delete them quickly with just a touch and hold on a chat conversation. Tap on other charts for more selections in one go.

Quick camera button

If you want to share a photo or video saved in your gallery camera roll, you can do so right inside a chat window by simply tapping on the quick camera button.

Solid colors for wallpaper

Older versions of WhatsApp doesn’t allow you to choose solid colors as wallpaper, but the latest APK update does. Your wallpaper options are no longer limited to No Wallpaper, Default or existing images.

Text formatting

Do you want your messages to have a little bit of style once in a while? Surround a specific text with special characters so it is set in bold, italics or strikethrough. Just place on either side of the text asterisks, underscores and tildes, respectively. For example, to add a strikethrough to the word message, surround it with tildes ~message~.

Considering that WhatsApp has no hidden costs, no international charges, no log in/log out necessary, doesn’t require pins and usernames, and is a multimedia messaging app service that lets you do more than send a message, the addition of the new features with the APK download just made it invaluable to a lot of users.

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