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Mojang, the company responsible for Minecraft has recently launched a new Patch, 1.9.4 which will remove the incorrect snapshot warning gamers saw when they load the world from the previous Minecraft update, 1.9.3.

The new patch also improves the overall performance of the game, reduces memory usage when played on servers, improves the chunk cache, uses less memory for biome caching, improvements to the AI and the realm, removes herob and adds a stop sound command.

Recently Mincraft also got a Super Mario themed DLC for the Wii U version, thanks to the joined forces Microsoft and Nitendo and fans absolutely love it. I have to mention here that Mojang sold Minecraf to Windows in 2014 for 2.5 billion dollars!

Although fans of the game were concerned that Minecraft might become a Microsoft console only game, time proved that the parent company made it available to Nitendo consoles as well, like the Wii U.

The Super Mario DLC pack includes characters such as the known and beloved heroes from the game: Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach and many others, as well as villains like Bowser and others.

Minecraft can now also be played on VR compatible phones such as Samsung Galaxy S6 – all models and S7 – models, plus Galaxy Note 5 that can support Samsung Gear VR which was released on the 27 of April 2016. Older Samsung gadgets cannot support the gear or the game. Other handsets from other companies also cannot support the game or the VR gear.

In order to play the VR version of Minecraft, you’ll have to initialize the game on the handset and then place the handset in the Samsung Gear VR slot.

This game is officially called Minecraft: Gear VR Edition and it was announced at the GDC 2016 that was held in San Francisco recently, followed by a more official announcement made by the distributor, Oculus on the 27th of April. The game is sold for only $7.

Another much anticipated update for a version of the game is the one for MinecraftEdu for teachers and educators and it features improved tools that will help children learn about many things such as art, geography or computer science. This update is expected to be released this summer as a free trial.