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Kingdom Hearts III will be the next major release in the Kingdom Hearts series following Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue. It will be available for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Kingdom Hearts III concludes the Dark Seeker Saga (informally known among fans as the Xehanort Saga), the main story of the series so far, but the series itself will continue in the future.

The trailer shown at E3 2015 provided a look at the gameplay and some of the worlds, as well as an interesting conversation between young Eraqus and Xehanort.

Release Date

Very little information is known about when Kingdom Hearts III will release. However, it will not be out before April 2017.

The Series So Far…

Kingdom Hearts III concludes an epic saga, and to players who are just getting into the series for the first time, it can be a little daunting to see the sheer number of games. Kingdom Hearts has also been criticized for being spread out across so many different platforms.

Fortunately, the new compilations mean you can play the entire series much more easily than before. They also contain the Final Mix versions of the games.

Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix

  • Kingdom Hearts Final Mix
  • Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories
  • Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days (remastered cutscenes only)

Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix

  • Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix
  • Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Final Mix
  • Kingdom Hearts Re:coded (remastered cutscenes only)

Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue

  • Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance
  • Kingdom Hearts χ Back Cover (cinematic)
  • Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth By Sleep – A Fragmentary Passage

The only game not included in the compilations is Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ, a far-distant prequel (set before the Keyblade War) for iOS and Android devices.

The cinematic Back Cover story included in the 2.8 collection is a different side of the story, shown from the Foretellers’ perspective rather than the player’s.

A Fragmentary Passage is a new, short episode that takes place after Birth By Sleep and stars Aqua.

While the 1.5 and 2.5 Remixes are currently available and out for the PlayStation 3, 2.8 will be released later this year for the PlayStation 4.


Kingdom Hearts III will feature the series’ traditional action RPG gameplay. Rather than the deck-based combat used in Birth By Sleep, it will return to a system similar to that used in Kingdom Hearts II. It will also contain gameplay elements used in Dream Drop Distance.

Features shown in the E3 trailer include wall-running, team attacks, and Keyblade transformations. There will be one Keyblade transformation per world, unlocked when you complete all of the missions available in that world.

Kingdom Hearts III will sometimes put you up against giant bosses, some of which involve special summon attacks in the style of theme park rides.


Only a few worlds have been revealed for Kingdom Hearts III so far, with many still left up to speculation.

Twilight Town – Twilight Town has been confirmed as a returning location.

Mysterious Tower – The tower that belongs to Yen Sid has also been shown.

Hercules – While the Olympus Coliseum has appeared in several Kingdom Hearts games, it seems from the trailer as though this entry will include a more fully-realized take on the world from Hercules.

Tangled – Tangled is one of the first new worlds to be confirmed, with at least Rapunzel’s tower and the woods included.

Big Hero 6 – San Fransokyo, from Big Hero 6, will also be in Kingdom Hearts 3, although it will be set after the events of the movie.

Both the Tangled and Big Hero 6 worlds have been introduced and discussed by Disney’s Roy Conli. Despite how he is introduced, we are certain he is not actually a Kingdom Hearts villain hiding in plain sight.

Series director Tetsuya Nomura has said he wants to focus on new worlds in Kingdom Hearts III, so many more will likely be announced. Since Disney has acquired several new properties (Pixar, Marvel, and Lucasfilm), there has been a lot of fan speculation about whether any of these will appear in Kingdom Hearts.

Kingdom Hearts III may still be a long way off, but there’s plenty to discuss in anticipation of it—and we can start with our most-hoped-for worlds! What do you want to see?

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