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Although TechRadar has broke the news that development on GTA 6 has begun, there still hasn’t been an official word from Rockstar (the makers of the game). According to sources, preliminary work has begun on Grand Theft Auto 6 but there hasn’t been a definite location just yet. But that hasn’t stopped rumors from swirling around that the latest GTA might be set in Tokyo.

Setting the game’s location outside of the US would be new for Rockstar, but it is a speculation that is not out of place either. Here’s what we know so far of the development of GTA 6:

  • Take-Two Interactive filed a trademark for GTA: Tokyo. Take-Two is a publisher, developer and distributor of video games and video game peripherals and they own Rockstar Games. In December 2003, the company not only filed a trademark for GTA: Tokyo, but one for GTA: Bogota as well. The company even filed a trademark for Grand Theft Auto: Sin City.
  • Moving GTA outside the US is a challenge. For a long time GTA has been set in fictional locales modeled on American cities. Liberty City is a stand-in for New York City, Vice City for Miami and San Andreas for the state of California. Using a location in a different country would most definitely bring about certain changes, including the brands of cars to the tone of the game.
  • Rockstar has traveled to Tokyo a couple of years ago. Makers usually carry out reference trips so they can take pictures, meet locals and get a fee of the area they are about to transform into a digital version. It has been reported that Rockstar did visit Tokyo several years ago but eventually pulled the plug on setting the location in the Japanese capital.
  • A new GTA is to be expected. The speculation of a coming GTA 6 is not unfounded as it has been a couple of years since the last installation was released. GTA V was published in 2013 and it’s not unusual for Rockstar to lay out the foundation of the latest installment as early as this year.

It’s only a matter of time before we start hearing legitimate news about Grand Theft Auto 6. After all, it’s to be expected. There was a five-year gap between GTA 4 and GTA 5 and it’s reasonable to think there would be the same amount of time between 5 and 6. What’s certain is this: a new GTA is definitely coming and preparations have begun.