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Just like the news surrounding the development of Grand Theft Auto 6, nothing official has been heard from Rockstar about the current installment of their popular video game. Grand Theft Auto V has been out since September 2013 and has had lots of DLCs over the years, starting with the Beach Bum update released in November 2013.

In March, however, football-themed clothing was found which may hint at a football-themed GTA V DLC. Then again, nothing official has been announced by Rockstar. Although the makers of GTA have promised future DLCs for the GTA V, it’s been a while since gamers have received new downloadable content.

In April, news circled about a new story-based DLC for GTA V. Greek website Busted broke the news noting that the addition will feature horse riding and casino. Without official word from Rockstar itself, it’s quite difficult to confirm these speculations. Then again, Rockstar hardly ever releases confirmations about DLCs and such – they keep it private and often provide information before release or upon release.

What looks to be the case though is Rockstar’s focus on Grand Theft Auto Online. Just recently, the company revealed they have feature-rich updates coming for Online in the coming weeks and months. In April, we saw Rockstar release one lowrider vehicle per week along with a mini DLC that contained the sports Adversary Modes.

Following that, the makers of GTA announce that a continuation of Executives and Other Criminals will be the next major update. Executives and Other Criminals began last year and is one of the biggest GTA Online DLC since Heists.

The second volume of Executives will see VIPs and their organizations taken to new criminal heights through addition of new missions for execs and bodyguards. Rockstar emphasized “further adventures in finance and felony” which could very well be the name of the DLC. But since none of the leading letters were capitalized in the note, it could just simply be a theme for the DLC.

What seemed to be missing from Rockstar’s press release was any mention of a Biker-themed update for GTA V which numerous fans have been lobbying for. But avid fans should not lose hope because if Executives and Other Criminals will turn out as good as promised, then it most likely was developed a long time ago. This opens up the possibility of a Biker DLC being in the works as well and maybe slated for release later this year.

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