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As a source of apps for Android devices, the Google Play Store is constantly updated to boost security and ensure ease of use. From the manual APK download released last month, comes another one – the 6.5.08 APK download for Android.

This new version is available across all Android devices, from smartphones to tablets, which runs Android 4.0 or newer. You won’t see any major changes or new features with it, but you will definitely notice an improvement in the overall speed and stability.

Google Play Store APK v6.5.08 weighs 15.2 MB and can be downloaded for free.

In the event that the automatic update has not yet reached your device, you can install it manually.

Manual Update

  1. Search for a reliable source link that contains the Google Play Store APK file. Make sure it is signed by Google, just to be safe.
  2. Download the file, and open it in your Android device.
  3. Follow the instructions provided on the install screen.

Another update on the Google Play store has been implemented server-side. This means there’s no need to manually update it to see the new changes.

What change might that be?

Google Play Store will show the download size of an app or game.

What you were seeing in the past was actually the complete size of an app, rather than its actual download size. Following the new update, download size will also be shown, including any app updates.

Still a little confused?

For example, the size of WhatsApp is 27 MB, while its delta update, where they push all app updatesis 17MB. This wasn’t shown in earlier versions of the Google Play Store. But with the new update, you will know the exact size of an update.

What does this mean for you and other users? You can easily check the amount of data a certain update will add to the overall app size. If you don’t have enough storage space, you can choose to skip the update for later, rather than have your download interrupted at some point.

With these updates, use of Google Play Store download would be easier and you will be provided with information that you may find useful.

Considering that the Play Store has millions of apps for entertainment or to improve productivity, it should be kept safe, secure and reliable. The updates above provide the perfect solution. Now, you won’t have trouble downloading any of the top 10 Google Play Store downloads.