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There’s been some interesting reports regarding the information that pertains to Pokémon Sun and Moon. These reports pertain to the identities of the Legendaries that may be introduced into the game.

It appears Game Freak, the developers for the Pokémon games have filed for two new trademarks that may be names for the newest legendary Pokémon for the forthcoming game. Watch Da Birdie, an avid watcher of Pokémon news, noted the names are Lunaala and Solgaleo, which have caused rumor that they’ll be game mascots.

Like any other time, fans debate on what new Pokémon will be added to the new game, with a list that keeps on growing. Two months ago, when the announcement came about Pokémon Sun and Moon, there was some teases about 10 new mysterious characters – Magearna, for one. However, Nintendo has managed to keep information away from the public on what they could see.

The trademark filing though leads to the possibility of what two of the legendary Pokémon will be called.

It would appear – just looking at the names – that they do relate to the Sun and Moon theme. Solgaleo is the sun; Lunaala is the moon. In Solgaleo, Leo could refer to lion-related characters, which would mean the first legendary lion since Entei was released.

Bear in mind that leaked trademarks on previous Pokémon games came out to be false so this doesn’t mean anything in the least. It does make one speculate about the possibility and any respective storylines that could result. The official release of game information is set for the next month.

Game Freak also filed a motion to trademark Gigareki.

The key concern is that the names were filed through Yusuki Inuim, who is a private Japanese intellectual property attorney, and most of the Pokémon trademarked properties are done under Game Freak, Nintendo or The Pokémon Company.

That goes without saying that many big companies will register trademarks with an alias to keep the secrets from being spilled. Since many people are waiting not-so-patiently for the next game, it can safe to assume that Nintendo is doing everything it can to prevent leaks.

What is known about the game is quite little – tropical setting, for instance. The company has done a wonderful job to keep the secrets within. If Lunaala and Solgaleo are the new legendary Pokémon, it may be time for game players to update their rare Pokémon.

Pokémon Sun and Moon is set for release during the 2016 holiday season and is exclusive for the Nintendo 3DS.