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Yesterday, a new update was released for the Adobe Flash Player browser plugins. These come as a result of multiple attacks that targeted this particular multimedia software.

This patch fixes 25 vulnerabilities but there is still one that they haven’t quite fixed – the exploit known as CVE-2016-4117. It’s not yet known if the attacks have begun yet on this particular software but there are reports that the exploit is in prepackages repositories of malware or online adds.

Those that are using browsers like Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer 11 or Google Chrome don’t have to worry as the update will push the patch automatically in their cases.

For the users of other browsers such as Mozilla Firefox or Opera, Internet Explorer 9 on Windows Vista, Apple Safari on S X, here is how you get this essential update: you go to the official Adobe Flash Player download page and then install the update manually.

In the case of Internet Explorer users (except for the Windows Vista users), all you have to do is upgrade to Internet Explorer 11 and things will happen automatically.

If you happen to be a developer using the Adobe Air development platform, regardless of your operating system, you will have to manually download and install the update found at the Adobe Air section on the official Adobe webpage.

Those of you who have iOS, there is no need for concern, as Steve Jobs never liked the Adobe Flash software and as such, he never allowed it on Apple’s mobile platform. Plus, Flash Player for Android has been shut down long ago.

Adobe’s Flash Player seems to be an endless concern for all IT security experts as it keeps on developing flaws that are almost immediately exploited by hackers. It’s actually responsible for many of the attacks suffered by Mac and Windows PCs.

Therefore, you can also just disable it from your browser or you could run an add blocker but those aren’t always effective. Another solution would be to set the Flash Player to “click-to-run”, thus you’ll always be asked if you want a video content to be played with Flash and you’ll be able to either allow it to play or now. You’ll control what you see.