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Have you seen the latest 2016 Macbook?

If you are a Macbook user, you know how reliable each of their laptops are. From the Macbook Air to the Macbook Pro, every single release offers something special. A few weeks ago, Apple officially announced the brand new Macbook in the series – named simply ‘The Macbook (2016)’.

new-macbook-2016 (1)

2016 Macbook: Design, Hardware And Specs

So, what’s the newest 2016 Edition Macbook like?

Well first and foremost, the newest Macbook is a 12 inch laptop. It is small, lightweight and convenient. And while this is a tough call for the designers and people in need of a bigger screen, the 2016 Macbook is the ultimate travel laptop. In other words, it is amazingly portable and reliable when it comes to its battery. With a weight of something over  pounds and carved from solid aluminum, it once again features the rich-looking and inspiring design.

Apple is known for their award-winning design. The 2016 Macbook proves that this is really Apple’s forte with the top-class materials. So, let’s face it – the 2016 Macbook REALLY looks good. Plus, it comes in a brand new color option – rose gold. And whether you like it to match your rose gold iPhone 6S or would go for other colors, the newest Macbook is a sleek and powerful machine.

2016macbook (1)

Speaking of powerful, Apple’s brand new machine has the fastest processor in the Macbook line. In a tight race with the Macbook Pro, it proves why Apple’s specs are not about the rivalry with the other brands – but the fast performance, reliability and never-crashing system.

2016 Macbook’s Best Feature

For us, the best feature in the 2016 Macbook is undoubtedly the (new kind of) trackpad Apple has invented. Named Force Touch trackpad and with its roots in the 2015 Macbook Pro model, it represents one of the greatest innovations a mouse pad has ever gotten.

2016-macbooooook (1)

So, what’s it all about?

Well, Apple’s newest trackpad technology allows utmost sensitivity when it comes to your interaction with the trackpad. In other words, the 2016 Macbook is programmed to differentiate normal clicks from harder ones and categorize them separately. In practice, your normal click would be normal – but pressing on the trackpad harder opens a new array of possibilities and features including previewing a window, fast forwarding a video and a lot more.


A Final Word

If you are a big fan of Macbook, you will love the 2016 Macbook. It’s sleek, aesthetically designed, powerful and leverages a new technology. For us, it is an investment worth making – simply because technology gets smaller and more convenient with every device. The functions are getting simpler and better, and every future laptop is definitely worth waiting for.

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