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WhatsApp has recently released an update for the Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 10 Mobile versions of the app. The new version of the app is called WhatsApp 2.16.52.

The update brings about mostly cosmetic changes to the app. Those who have signed up to become beta testers of WhatsApp 2.16.52 won’t be surprised by the changes, but those who have remained on the stable version of the app will be pleasantly surprised by its new look.

Mostly, the update has unified the look and feel of WhatsApp, leaning toward the aesthetics of Windows 10 Mobile. This means that those who are using the Window 8.1 version of the app will enjoy the sleek and simple design of that Windows 10 Mobile users have been enjoying for some time now.

Those who download this update will notice that their WhatsApp chat box has been improved. Specifically, the profile picture of the person they’re chatting with can now be seen on the top left corner of the screen, while the call button remains on the top right corner. As Softpedia points out, this is a welcome change particularly for people who often mistakenly press the call button when they want to tap a different button. With the call button having its own place, it’s now easy to avoid pressing it by mistake and accidentally calling people.

Through the new update, the attachment and message send buttons are now highly visible in the chat box along with an integrated file picker. These changes make it easier for users to attach and send pictures, videos, audio files, and documents (like PDFs and Excel sheets) to their contacts. Again, Windows 10 Mobile users will already be familiar with this interface, but it’s a new UI that Window 8.1 users will surely appreciate.

WhatsApp also included text formatting options with the new update. Putting an asterisk before and after a line of text will give it a bold effect, while placing an underscore before and after a line of text will turn the characters into italics. Putting a tilde (~) before and after a line of text will activate the strikethrough effect. Those who use Skype will find these familiar since it uses the same characters to achieve the same formatting effects.

Those who use WhatsApp on Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 10 Mobile can get the latest update by downloading it from the Windows Store.