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If until now there were only rumors that soon PC (Windows and OS X) users will receive a desktop application, but it wasn’t sure if the application will be released soon or it will take longer for developers to make it functional. So, it was a big surprise when they announced that they’ve released the desktop application.

Until now, PC users had only a web client that allowed them to access their accounts by visiting and scanning the QR code using their phones’ camera, while having the application running. WhatsApp users were wondering if they will no longer need to keep the application running on their smartphones while chatting from their PC, but it seems that this native application caused some frustrations.

Their expectations were never met, because there are only a few differences between the web client and the new desktop app. In a press release, WhatsApp has said that “Like WhatsApp Web, our desktop app is simply an extension of your phone: the app mirrors conversations and messages from your mobile device.”

So, the desktop application can be installed on any PC running on at least Windows 8, or on Macs running on 10.9+ and it syncs with WhatsApp that’s installed on the smartphone. That’s because WhatsApp depends on a mobile number, which users need in order to get verified, and they were frustrated because the web client didn’t offer all features available on the mobile app.

From now on, the desktop app will have support for native desktop notifications and users will have better keyboard shortcuts and other advantages. However, users will still need to scan a QR code with their phones, while running WhatsApp on their devices and accessing WhatsApp Web menu under Settings, but they will no longer need to open a web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Opera or Microsoft Edge), as they will just download the application from