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WhatsApp has over 1 billion active users, but not all of them were curious to explore all features, being happy with sending and responding to messages. The application is very useful and has some hidden features, and we’ll tell you about them in this article. Well, some are features that everyone knows about, but they’re rarely used.

Download The Desktop App

WhatsApp has just released a native desktop application for Windows PC and Mac, but you still need to keep the application running on your smartphone and to scan the QR code with the phone’s camera. Compared to the web client, the desktop application is not so limited in terms of features and users will no longer need to access their accounts by opening a web browser.

Muting Group Chats

If you’re a participant in group chats and your friends are very talkative, but you’re bothered by notifications when they’re writing a new message, you can mute them by going to the group chat, tapping on the menu button, then on Mute. Notifications can be blocked for 8 hours, 7 days or even an entire year.

Getting More Information On Messages

You have the possibility to know if your messages have been delivered and seen. On Android, you will tap and hold on the message, then on the “i” letter inside a circle and you’ll know when your messages have been read or if your friends are ignoring you.

Emailing Chats

You can email your WhatsApp conversations to your Gmail account, even if they contain emojis, but media files will be included as attachments. On your Android device, you will do that by tapping the menu button, More and Email chat.

Setting Up Home Screen Shortcuts

Have easy access to your favorite contacts and the frequent conversations you’ve had with them by going to the chat with a certain person, opening the menu (by tapping the top right button) and selecting More and Add shortcut.

Sharing Location

If you’re planning to go out and want your friends to know where you are, share your location by tapping the attachment icon (paperclip) from the bar at the top of the chat screen and select Location when the drop down menu appears. Your position will be detected using GPS or you’ll choose your location from a list of places from the map.