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Traditionally, Samsung releases their Note devices in the autumn. Officially, the company hasn’t given any indication when they are releasing the successor to the Galaxy Note 5. Then again, with the annual IFA tech show in Berlin scheduled from September 2 to 7, 2016, it is likely that Samsung would want to announce their latest device there.

That said, Samsung did launch their Note 5 at their own event which was held in August 2015. There are also rumors that the company would only release the Note 6 for North America and Korea while Europe would be getting the Galaxy S7 Edge+. However, that doesn’t seem the case anymore as it has been reported that Samsung would be releasing Note 6 in the UK.

Sources say that the S7 Edge+ handset has been a disappointment in terms of sales and Samsung is looking to establish the Note 6 has the main phablet in the UK. Samsung may be regretting the decision not to release the Note 5 in Europe and as such, they would be releasing the Note 6 and not include the S7 Edge+.

An earlier release date

Rumors are also swirling that consumers may see the Galaxy Note S6 a bit earlier than expected. Instead of launching their device in this year’s IFA, rumors from Korea indicate that the Note 6 would be released in July. Given that Samsung did launch the Note 5 ahead of IFA, there is reason to think the same for this one. Then again, the Note 5 was released a couple of weeks shy of the IFA and July is so much of a huge leap so can this rumor be real?

Android’s latest OS is version 6.0 (also called Marshmallow) and if that would be used for the newest Note then a July release date might be possible. However, there is speculation that the Note 6 would be shipped with the Android N which might delay the rumored July release.

Then again, Samsung has also proven that they can compete with Apple. The tech giant from Silicon Valley is intending to release a new device this year and Samsung might want to jump ahead of the competition. This is another good reason to believe that a release date might be sooner rather than later.

Rumors of release dates of new devices keep cropping up each year. Some of them have been proven true while others were false. While it is likely that consumers will see an early release, it’s much more realistic to hope for a August or September release.