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The game was officially announced quite a while ago but we’ve finally got a release date on our hands, both Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon will be released on the 18th of November, as is traditional with Pokémon games, both the games will definitely have similar differences which the previous games have had.

We’re going to take a twist on this though, let us assume that you’re not familiar with the Pokémon games, you’re going to have a few quite obvious questions.

Why are there always two Pokémon games?

This is where you begin to see the genius minds behind the Pokémon games at work, there have pretty much always been two different versions for each Pokémon game, the reasoning behind this is simple: It forces players to work together if they wish to finish their Pokédex, that is, the in-game collection to catch every Pokémon.

There are going to be differences between the two games, these differences may be about the plot, maybe a few characters will be different but there will always be one difference between the two versions, there will Pokémon which can only be captured in a specific version. i-e, Pokémon Moon and Pokémon Sun will have Pokémon that are unique to them.

So if your friends own Pokémon Sun, you better pick up Pokémon Moon so both of you can trade and finish your collections, because after all, you gotta catch ’em all!

Are there going to be new Pokémon?

Yes! There’s going to be an entire new generation of Pokémon in the upcoming Sun and Moon games, Pokémon which haven’t been seen before, if you go into the new games without being spoiled, you’re definitely in for a nice ride.

We already know what the starter Pokémon are going to be, there’s Rowlet the grass type Pokémon, Litten the water type Pokémon and Popplio the fire type Pokémon. Here’s a trailer for the starter Pokémon reveal!

And let’s be honest, that owl is glorious.

It’s been twenty years? Will the original fans still buy these games?

There are people who’ve grown up playing these games, for quite a lot of us, Pokémon was the game which we could always go back to. It’s something we could pick while on the bus en-route to school, we could play it while going back home, while on the toilet or while out for dinner with our parents (although they didn’t approve us of playing at the time), this game was a God-send.

As for whether or not all the 20-30 year old fans today are going to be playing this? Absolutely yes. Sure we won’t play it as obsessively as we used to, but we’ll definitely check it out.

This almost seems like the best moment to mention that age is no longer a factor for playing games, there’s no “growing up”, when people said “you won’t have time for this stuff when you grow up”, they didn’t realize the lengths to which a gamer go, there are fully functional, hard working people out there who play more games than most kids. Whether it’s mobile games, console games or computer games, a game is a game.