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The Minecraft: Pocket edition 0.15 update that’s coming soon is said to be a very important one for those users that want to play the game with their friends. Recently, Mojang released Minecraft realms for alpha testing available only to Andorid users. Minecraft Realms is a Minecraft server service run by Mojang and so far, the testing has gone well.

Yesterday, Mojang stated that they will soon be entering into the beta testing and if you want to be one of the 700.000 users who are playing the alpha version, you should hurry and sign up, because there’s only time until this Monday to still play it.

Apart from adding Realms to the game, the 0.15 update will also bring name tags, horses, raw mutton, a new archer mob, and many other new and exciting features. There are some features, however, that probably won’t make it into the final update as it’s usually the case with testing various versions. Those abandoned featured could be plugins, resource packs, commands, etc.

Minecraft Realms enables users to create their own world that can be accessed by friends at any point of the day, thus allowing them to play together. A Realm can only have up to ten people playing at once, but it does allow access to 200 – it can also support any type of Minecraft experience and the admin can import or export maps or see who has logged to the game and when.

Think about it, at only 8 dollars a month for a subscription, you’ll get to play with your friend in a world you created or in one that was created by them (or you can just take turns in discovering each other’s worlds), regardless of how far away they are from you is a pretty all right deal.