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Markus Persson created Minecraft in 2011, which was picked up, developed and published by Mojang. A short time later, the game grew in popularity.
Minecraft offers multi-gameplay mode like survival mode where players attain resources to build what they need to survive. In creative mode, they are equipped with an unlimited amount of resources to build what they want.

Readers should remember that Microsoft bought Mojang in September 2014, which worried Minecraft fans that it would stop releasing any updates for the game on various platforms like iOS, PS3, PS4 and Android. However, Microsoft was quick to inform the public that this would not happen.

J Studios Company recently announced it would release Minecraft version 1.26 for the PS3, PS4 and the PS Vita. The latest Minecraft version repairs various issues that were seen in the previous update. It doesn’t offer any new features but there are an array of repairs that have been made including:

  • Big that causes Guardian to not spawn after loading a fixed save
  • Removal on the constraint that doesn’t allow players to change to the third-person camera while carrying out actions such as running
  • Fixed issue regarding sensitive sprint activation
  • Fixed issue related to Mushroom Block textures for PS3

Minecraft for Xbox 360 attained the Title Update 35; Xbox One attained the Content Update 23.

Users who haven’t played Minecraft for a time may not know that version 1.25 was released on April 6, bringing a host of features to the game play – sprint control, Superflat and Creative menus, Trophies, etc.