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Some users have reported that they aren’t able to download or update applications on their iPhone 6S Plus. There are a few possible causes that are behind this problem and in this article we’ll tell you about them and what to do if this happens to you.

There are three possible factors that prevent your iPhone 6S Plus from updating or downloading applications:

• When Apple is scheduling maintenance or update to its App Store system;
• When there are network or connectivity problems, interruptions that are blocking access to the Apple server;
• If the phone has settings restrictions, preventing it from downloading or updating certain applications.

Possible solutions:

• Restart your iPhone. If there are software-related issues, a simple restart might resolve them.
• Check the date and time settings, if they’re correctly configured, because if they don’t coincide with that of the server, there will be problems with syncing and applications will be prevented from updating. So, manually set date and time settings (Settings->General->Date and Time) and try again to download an application.
• Use iTunes to update and download applications.
• Many issues can be solved by signing out and in to App Store, so you should follow these steps: open App Store, head to Settings, where you’ll click on iTunes and App Store, then on your Apple ID, sign out and sign in again.
• If you’re using a wireless network, disconnect and reconnect to it. In many cases, toggling the WiFi network off/on is a problem solver.
• Update your iPhone to the latest iOS version, in order to make sure that the device runs without any problems.
• If nothing works, the last solution is to reset All Settings and adjust restrictions by going to Settings-> General, because if this feature is turned on, it may cause troubles.
• Try to update your applications later, after the outage is over.