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WhatsApp is now invading a wide range of devices, including a desktop version for both Windows and Mac computers. With its popularity steadily growing, it will soon be available to almost, if not all, smartphones and computers with newer operating systems.

WhatsApp is free on Nokia, Symbian, Java, Blackberry and Windows smartphones. This means you can chat or call other WhatsApp users of other mobile phone models. But first, you must download and install the app.

Install WhatsApp to Nokia

  1. Go to Windows Phone Store and search for WhatsApp
  2. Once you find it, click on the app to start downloading
  3. Installation will automatically follow
  4. Once installed, type in your phone number to start using WhatsApp

To download WhatsApp to Nokia Symbian, follow the same step-by-step process listed above.

Other Nokia devices with WhatsApp support areNokia C3-00, Nokia C3-01, Nokia Asha201, Nokia Asha300, Nokia Asha 302, Nokia Asha 303, Nokia X2-01, Nokia X3-02,and Nokia X2-00.

Install WhatsApp to Java phones

  1. From your computer, search for WhatsApp_Messenger.jar and WhatsApp_Messenger.jad, which are usually zipped in one file.
  2. Download both files to your computer. Make sure you download only from a trusted source.
  3. Unpack the zip file and search for the WhatsApp file.
  4. Move the file from your computer to your mobile phones SD card.
  5. Run the app, and start using it.

WhatsApp Java only supports a limited number of Java phones. Some Samsung devices do not support the Java file, even when they support other Java apps. This is because some of them have Bada OS. But you won’t find any problem when installing it in Samsung Corby and Samsung Corby 2.

Note that download of WhatsApp Java files is best done on a computer, as mobile downloads may result in errors or incompatibility issues.

Install WhatsApp to BlackBerry

  1. Go to BlackBerry World and search for WhatsApp
  2. Click on the WhatsApp icon > Download to start downloading
  3. Once downloaded, installation automatically follows.
  4. Click on Done and set up app permissions when prompted.
  5. Launch WhatsApp and complete the setup process, up to verification of your mobile number.

WhatsApp for BlackBerry is not available for all models. It only supports BlackBerry OS 5.0 or above. It must have BlackBerry Enterprise Service (BES) or BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) as well.

Do you also own a Windows Phone? You can also download WhatsApp on it, so you can stay connected across all devices, whether on smartphone or computer.