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If you have a passion for history and want to learn more about cultures, science and inventions, then until now, you’ve played Civilization 5, a game created by Firaxis and in which you’ve lead a prehistoric civilization and helped it evolve through time, until you’ve taken it into the future. You’ve researched, explored, used diplomacy, formed a government and went to war, for expanding your territory. Well, in Civilization 6, cities will be divided into different districts, they will have more specializations and more varied resources.

According to Ed Beech, you will be able to “do bombing raids on key industrial districts,” and you’ll attack factory tiles of cities that pump out armored tanks and fighter jets, but if you don’t want to use any ammo, just attack the economy of the city that generates ample currency.

Throughout the entire game, you will need to decide which districts must be prioritized, especially when you’re under attack and outgunned. You will need to abandon wonders, to let farms burn or laboratories to cede and it won’t be an easy decision.

Firaxis will bring “active research”, which will allow you to accomplish smaller objectives and enhance development in some areas. In the previous game, you had to research technologies in order to progress through the science tree, but in Civilization 6, the research system will allow for boosts.

Let’s say that you want to develop Osaka, which in reality is a port city and commercial center on a Japanese island called Honshu. In the game, you will build aqueducts and produce food for your civilization. Since Tokyo is located near mountains, you will focus on mining for industrial supplies.

In Civilization VI, you will attack cities and defend your own, using different methods compared to the previous game. “Each time you settle your first city, start producing food, gold, culture, science, and everything vital to growth, we want it to feel different. We want you to consider your military differently. We want to encourage new approaches. We want it to feel like a new experience each time,” said Beech.

The game will be released on October 21 and some of the new features that the developing team has been working on include a diplomacy system that will allow you to study other leaders’ behavior and learn from them; a self-contained multiplayer etc.

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