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Xiaomi fans are some of the luckiest people because the company has been punctilious in terms of releasing Android 6.0 (also known as Marshmallow) for its phones. Now, those who own Xiaomi smartphones will have something to look forward to as the company’s latest firmware is announced.

Named MIUI 8, the firmware is based on Android Marshmallow and will bring lots of changes to Xiaomi devices. For one thing, it provides multi-window support for certain apps, allowing users to make the most of their screen’s real estate and manage several chat boxes at the same time. It also introduces the wallpaper carousel (which spices up the lock screen and home screen with a selection of images), provides new templates for the Notes app, and allows the Calculator app to perform advanced calculations.

Aside from these features, the MIUI 8 brings increased battery life and better security to Xiaomi devices. Its Power Saving mode freezes app activities in the background and suspends app updates and syncing, allowing the phone to last longer on a single charge. The firmware is also able to detect scams and fraud messages and prevent unessential apps from doing chain start-ups.

All of these features and updates sound exciting, but Xiaomi fans won’t get to experience these features right away since the MIUI 8 is still in the testing phase. Those who want to become beta testers for the firmware can sign up starting May 16, and they’ll receive the beta ROM on June 1. Developers, meanwhile, will get a developer ROM for the MIUI 8 on June 17.

The new firmware will be available for a range of devices, including all Mi Note and Redmi devices as well as for the Mi 2, Mi 2S, Mi 3, Mi 4, Mi 4C, Mi 4S, Mi 5, and Mi Max.

It’s important to note, though, that the MIUI 8 isn’t the only Xiaomi firmware that’s based on Android 6.0. The current version of its firmware, MIUI 7, is built on Android Marshmallow and is impressive in its own right, providing exciting features such as new modes (including “guest”, “do not disturb”, and “child” modes), an integrated call recorder, and a Smart Lock (which allows the phone to authenticate a user). The MIUI 7 is built into Xiaomi’s latest model, the Mi 5.

Xiaomi fans who don’t have the Mi 5 can still enjoy Android Marshmallow by upgrading to the MIUI 6.3.17, which is built on the latest Android OS.