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Hyperloop is here. And it is amazingly fast.

According to the official first full-scale test, Elon Musk is definitely satisfied. The Hyperloop testing has been marked as successful, after a day of testing in the Nevada desert. Wondering what’s there to be tested?

Well, the Hyperloop One propelled a 10-foot-long cabin similar to a sled that has been placed on a track. The speed of the track was accelerated to 116 miles per hour, before it hit the first patch of sand on the track. The Hyperloop testing lasted 4 seconds, but with many preparations.

According to Elon Musk, the CEO of Hyperloop, Tesla and SpaceX – the dream low-pressure tube ride will accelerate a speed of 760 miles per hour, moving passengers from one end of the country to another in the quickest time possible. This is the entire idea behind Hyperloop One, formerly known as Hyperloop Technologies.

The sled uses a licensed passive magnetic levitation technology which serves to keep the Hyperloop pods off the track and minimize the friction as the ‘cabin’ passes through a tube. The technology behind Hyperloop was once only a prototype – but as of today, starts to shift towards a reality.

Although the original test should be done in a tube, Hyperloop has done the testing on a single center track. This is probably their way to test the permanent magnets and the technology that will be centered in the Hyperloop and one that is not related to the tube, but the magnets.

You can watch the video of the Hyperloop testing in the Nevada desert outside Las Vegas, below:

According to recent news, Hyperloop One has partnered up with a variety of companies to get the idea on off-the-ground transport in a tube. It seems like a lot of well known brands are investing into this technology – not only for passenger rides, but also as a way to improve the process of cargo shipping from docks to locations around the globe.

Some of the prestigious partners as announced by Hyperloop One, include the names of the French National Railway Company SNCF, Western Technology Investment, GE Ventures and others. The total investment into the Hyperloop technology from these partners is close to $80 million.

Aside from this project, Hyperloop One has a lot of goals in mind. The first step towards making Hyperloop’s tube a reality will be a 3-mile tube. Also, the company has been working on a pod and a computer that pilots it automatically. Undoubtedly, Hyperloop is changing the world – one (test) project at a time.