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The Note series of devices by Samsung has a very large fan base. However, UK consumers were disappointed that the latest offering, the Galaxy Note 5 hasn’t even reached their shores despite rumors it would be arriving in January 2016. According to Know Your Mobile, Samsung has decided to offer the Galaxy S6 Edge+ instead which is a larger version of the Galaxy S6 Edge.

However, rumor has it that Samsung is planning to release the Galaxy Note 6 in the UK instead of the Galaxy S6 Edge+. What is confirmed is the Note 6 is going to be released this year but not much has been released about the device itself.

This is what this post is for: listing down what we know about the Samsung Galaxy Note 6.


We don’t have an image of what the Note 6 would look like. Given that it will be a successor to the Galaxy Note 5, it can be assumed that the device’s design won’t be too drastic of a change. Just like any other device that succeeds another, the Note 6 would be a refinement of the Note 5. Then again, a leak suggests that Samsung might introduce two different handsets for the Note S6: a flat-screen phablet and an Edge-style display.


The Note 5 featured a 5.7-inch display and it wouldn’t be surprising if the Note 6 would be bigger. But there are rumors that Samsung may be opting to switch back to the Super AMOLED Plus display which was last used in the Samsung Galaxy S2. Although last used in 2011, the displays are actually a lot more advanced than the screens being used for newer models. Samsung just dropped them because they weren’t rugged or tough compared to normal AMOLED displays.


Pocket Lint says that the Note 6 will have a downgraded camera, just like the Galaxy S7. The S7 only offers 12 megapixels but they have one of the fastest autofocuses on a smartphone. It isn’t far reaching to suggest that Samsung may do the same for the Note 6.


Trusted Reviews reports that there will be two hardware configurations for the Samsung Galaxy Note 6: one for the Asian market and another for the west. The device for the east would feature a n Exynos 9980 chipset while western consumers will get a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820. The Note S6 is also rumored to come with 6GB of RAM and three storage options: 32GB, 64GB and 128 GB.

According to SamMobile, Samsung might abandon the microUSB in favor of the USB-C. In addition, it is likely that a new Gear VR headset can be used with the device.


Android Marshmallow is the latest version of Samsung’s mobile OS and it’s plausible that it will be on the Note S6 as well. But there are rumors that the Galaxy Note S6 will feature Android N instead which features a new multi-window mode and faster app optimization.

The Galaxy Note 6 is expected to be released this July 2016. But there are rumors that it will be introduced this summer and released around August and September.