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The eagerly anticipated Android N is soon to be unveiled by Google at the next I/O event which will take place this month.

Almost all Android based devices are running Android Lollipop right now and the next update hasn’t reached a lot of phones yet and it’s very possible that some of those phones might not be compatible with the Android Marshmallow OS anytime soon if the manufacturers continue to neglect this issue.

For example, Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is a very efficient device but it still hasn’t received the Marshmallow update. It has been received by Galaxy Note 4, however. Many users believe that Galaxy Note 3 is not capable and equipped to run the Android Marshmallow OS so it probably won’t get the update anytime soon, or ever.

In the case of LG G2, which was also an extraordinary device when it was released three years ago, we have the same situation. This particular smartphone hasn’t received the update yet, although there were some rumors that it might get it soon because a G2 on Verizon was seen running Marshmallow.

Unfortunately for Sony Experia Z1, it will not be getting the Marshmallow update because it’s too old to support the update or run it properly. Apart from that, there are few chances that Samsung will use its resources to update this particular old device.

However, if you really want to try out this update and you happen to own the aforementioned devices, here’s what you can do: get a custom ROM. Although ROMs can mess up your device and maybe even make them go dead, they are the only way to try the update. So if you want to do it this way, you do it at your own risk, or maybe try to buy a new and better smartphone.

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