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Adobe’s brand new version of the Flash Player had been announced to come as early as today, May 12 2016. The incoming Flash Player patch is apparently being tested currently before it is officially presented.

The major reason for a new Flash Player patch are the vulnerability problems that exist in Flash Player’s version for Mac, Windows, Linux and Chrome OS. The current version occasionally crashes and can be compromised – allowing any attacker to take control of the system.

Adobe knows these details and has even released an advisory not a long ago that included the high-level details of their Flash Player vulnerability – detected in the exploits in the wild. That being said, only time can tell when the existing version of the Flash Player will disappear and become a history.

The new Flash Player patch will definitely hold a critical update. In fact, the ‘health’ of the Flash Player is important for all the browsers which have already disabled the outdated versions of the Flash Player.

Remote code execution, memory leaks, information disclosure and bypass restrictions are among the most critical vulnerabilities that need to be improved in the new Flash Player update.

Professional hackers have been among the teams that test the new patch’s vulnerability, according to latest rumors. This is the proven method to exploit the new patch batch before the software maker does the same across every browser. And while some rumors say that the pending Flash Player patch will fix a single vulnerability, others say that it will fix a lot of bugs and therefore problems.

What do we think about the pending Flash Player patch – and how it relates to the end-user?

In a nutshell, the Flash Player is a vital tool for every browser. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that it gets tested and updated every once in a while. The best option to go for is to always update the Flash Player and escape the common bugs and attacks.

Aside from the Flash Player patch that is on the way, Adobe released new updates for the Reader and Acrobat programs that fix 92 major vulnerabilities – most of which rated as critical. So, if you use the Adobe Reader to read PDFs and documents or the Acrobat, you may want to update every single Adobe application as soon as the new Flash Player patch is officially here.