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There have been many rumors about the Moto X 2016 circling the internet these days, many supported by leaked schematics and photos, and yesterday, a couple of photos of the smartphone leaked again.

The design shown in those particular pictures seem to partially confirm that the leaked images so far were a hint to the final design and that they also represent that final form of the device.

The pictures come from an anonymous source and they only show the front part of the phone. The device has curved edges and it appears to have a 5.5 inch display. There’s also a Home button under the screen surrounded by a metal ring, and that particular button plus ring will also function as a fingerprint reader. Unlike the previous images, the fingerprint reader is located on the front of the phone. Right above that button there’s the Motorola logo. The anonymous source also mentioned that the phone will sport an AMOLED display with Moto’s Shattershield protection, which is a feature that we first saw on the DROID Turbo 2.

Moto X 2016 2

Furthermore, the display has a protective film on it and right above the screen it says: ‘Motorola confidential property not for sale’ which suggests that this is indeed an official Motorola device prototype that has leaked from someone within the company.

Other features that can be seen in the photos include a small Moto logo on the top left corner and holes for the camera and the proximity sensor, plus a supposed LED flash.

Finally, these last pictures look almost like the previously leaked ones, with very few differences that can be notices, like the positioning of the fingerprint scanner, but that may be because what was leaked before wasn’t the final prototype, and it was just in an experimenting phase.

There are many aspects regarding Moto X 2016 that are still unknown to us, such as specs or release date, but some have suggested that the release date will be sometime in August.