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When smartphones were launched in the market, not many companies were developing apps for them.

It took the time to increase the number of developers developing apps for smartphones. Today, both Google and Apple app stores have more 1.5 billion apps.

However, not all apps are popular and serve the needs of the people. In fact, there are some apps that never gain popularity, though, let’s check why it is. One of the biggest reasons why new apps never gain popularity is that they don’t get enough promotion in the market. Whenever you launch an app, you must advertise your app in a proper way or take the help of other websites to promote it. There are many people who fail to make a compelling website for promoting their apps in the market.

With the growing increase in the number of smartphones, the number of mobile apps has also increased. With so many apps, people get confused about which app to download on their device. In most of the cases, the decision comes down to which app has got the highest ranking. A high ranked app means it has got good reviews or points from the customers and therefore, it becomes impossible to establish new app in the same niche. For example, SnapChat gives a tough competition to any company to compete with.

Here, we will discuss the reasons for which new apps fail to gain popularity in the market.

  • People get bored easily

If your app fails to hold the attention of people, it is next to impossible to establish your app in the market. Your app must involve interesting content so that it can grab the attention of customers. Even game apps need to evolve interesting content such as guns, new levels and themes. However, this does not happen always. A new app can go viral and catch the attention of customers. Today, the world is getting mobilized, and thus apps have become a necessary part of our everyday lives. This is one of the reasons that people don’t easily get excited by the new release.

  • Analytics

For many people, dealing with data is the toughest hurdle. Mobile analytics takes some challenges such as monitoring 3 to 6 operating systems such android, iOS, windows, etc. you need to evolve the right tools and expertise so that your app can retrieve actual information about users’ behavior that help them to cater their needs. Analytics is very important while establishing your app in the market.

  • Monetizing

As the mobile world is booming, some people may think that generating revenue is easy. However, it is not easy as it seems. Only a few apps in the market have become successful financially. Though, these days, tools for monetization are getting better and bringing positive ROI for mobile apps, but to get that you need a strong analytical infrastructure as well as the product description.

  • Highly competitive market

Besides the reasons mentioned above, another reason responsible behind new apps not getting popularity is the growing competition in the market. In today’s market, your app will sink in the sea of competitors if you do not promote your app properly. To survive in the market, it is important that your app should reach out to your target customers and cater to their needs. Only then, your app will be able to catch the spotlight in the crowd. Besides promotion, some other technical approaches are also involved in it such as app store optimization, proper technical education, and experience, because ASO helps in increasing the visibility of the app.

These are the main hurdles that come in the way of launching a new app in the market. If you overcome these hurdles, your app will turn into an asset, and you will gain financial success.